50,000m2 flexible logistics Middelfart Denmark

THE DRIEHOEK REGION is known as the most business-friendly area in the heart of Denmark. Middelfart is part of the Triangle Region, a cooperation between seven municipalities. Middelfart is thus an excellent option for national and international companies considering locating in the region. Several national and international companies are already represented in the area, including Fiberline, Interacoustics, Bravida, Dinex, Dagrofa, DLG, Jacobs Douwe Egberts DK, T-Hansen, ITW and FTZ.

The completely new business complex is suitable for any type of entrepreneur. The complex has the highest fire class available, which is Fire Class 4 and ILK 5 and is divided into 6 units. The units feature an industrial hall with a clear height of 12.20 meters under truss, a floor load of 5,000 kg/m2, an office space spread over two floors and 9 or 11 loading docks. Each business unit has its own parking spaces. The luxurious and complete finish gives it a very modern look.

The business units are built sustainably and has the following features:

– 1 loading dock per 900 m2 warehouse;
– High RC values;
– A roof suitable for installing solar panels;
– Entirely gasless, application of district heating i.c.m. air conditioning units;
– Opportunities for connection of electric car charging stations;
– The complex is being built in accordance with the BREEAM rating very good.

THE TRIANGLE REGION IS DENMARK’S TRANSPORTATION HUB. Here the country’s east-west E20 freeway meets the E45 freeway, which connects Denmark to the rest of Europe. Middelfart is the ideal place for companies to both import and export goods to and from European markets. Its central location offers flexibility and speed, and the lot is characterized by optimal flexibility: scale up, link several units to form a “superhub” or accommodate multiple customers at one location; there is ample space for a variety of logistics activities.

MIDDELFART LOOKS MIDDLE IN THE CENTER OF DENMARK with easy access to every corner of Denmark, as well as southern Sweden and northern Germany. Therefore, Middelfart has a strong position within transport and logistics. Its central location therefore makes it the obvious choice for a wide range of companies importing and exporting goods to and from European markets. The building itself meets all the needs and requirements one would expect of a modern logistics center of this size. Naturally sustainable with energy-efficient lighting and the use of state-of-the-art materials.

Delivery level
The complex will be built in accordance with the BREEAM rating very good;
– Constructed of a concrete structure;
– Façade skirting consisting of insulated concrete approx. Rc 5.0 m2.K/W;
– Insulated metal siding approx. Rc 5.0 m2 K/W, large glass facades and a canopy;
– Aluminum frames, windows, facades and exterior doors with clear insulating glazing;
– Insulated steel roof approx. Rc 6.0 m2 K/W with plastic roofing;
– Private meter box with connections for water and electricity up to a maximum of 200 KVA per unit;
– Fire extinguishers in accordance with fire report;
– The roof is suitable for installing solar panels.

Office space
Concrete floor with a maximum floor load of 500 kg/m2;
– Black suspended ceilings with LED lighting;
– Floor tiles anthracite (60 x 60 cm) in the pantry and toilets;
– Clear height under the suspended ceiling at least 2.7 meters;
– Stepped steel staircase, decorative gravel filled treads, handrails along stairs and landing;
– Interior walls fitted with metal stud walls and HPL mute interior doors (oak look);
– Walls provided with painted glass fabric on the inside of the office;
– Wall channel and wall outlets;
– Air conditioning system with swirl diffusers in ceiling that cool and heat;
– Luxury pantry with upper and lower cabinets, equipped with a flow-through for hot water and connections for a refrigerator and dishwasher.

Monolith finished concrete floor with a maximum floor load of 5,000 kg/m2;
– Unit separating walls consist of concrete baseboard and aerated concrete;
– The floor is finished in accordance with flatness class 2;
– The maximum allowable racking leg load (point load) is 80 kN;
– ESFR – Sprinkler system with central firewater supply certified and based on FM global guidelines;
– Luxury tiled toilet group (ladies/gents) with urinal, wall closet, hand basin and mechanical ventilation;
– Clear height under the concrete structure approximately 12.20 meters;
– Led lighting under the steel roof;
– Ample electrical connections;
– 1 loading dock per 900 m2 warehouse;
– One electrically operated overhead door per loading dock;
– Dock shelter with bumpers;
– 1 electrically operated ground level overhead door 4.3 meters wide and 4.5 meters high per unit;
– District heating combined with a heater, assuming a heated shed about 15 degrees Celsius;
– Outlet sink equipped with cold water.

Paving is provided with a clinker pavement possibly combined with asphalt;
– Approximately 25 truck parking spaces;
– Collision protection next to the overhead door;
– Enclosed grounds by double bar fence 2 meters high;
– Lockable electric access gates;
– Outdoor lighting;
– Numbered parking spaces for passenger cars.

The business park is zoned for categories 2 through 6.

Expected Q2 2024.

Installing facade advertising in consultation with the landlord and with the permission of the appropriate municipal authorities.

User is solely responsible whether the utility connections present in the Leased Premises are sufficiently suitable for Tenant’s intended business activities. This includes any costs of modifying the connections to make them suitable. User is responsible for requesting Internet subscription.

All information is without obligation and intended for addressees only. All data has been compiled with care and from what we believe to be a reliable source. Regarding their accuracy, however, we cannot accept any liability. No rights can be derived from this brochure (both texts and drawings).

Map & neighborhood

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