Project Development

Prohuis focuses on the development of homes, apartments, offices, multi-tenant buildings and commercial properties. As an independent developer, Prohuis is not affiliated with any construction company, mortgage lender or banking institution. Prohuis develops for third parties, in partnership and for its own portfolio. The company is characterized by three key words: “passion, creativity and dynamism.”

Prohuis is a flat organization where there is plenty of room for creativity and personal initiative. As a result, we have a very dedicated team. We have experience with complex (re)development, demolition projects and new construction developments and solve every issue with a down-to-earth and fresh perspective! We maintain short lines of communication with both the client and other parties involved.

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We will map out your needs and goals with you and discuss the location or property in question. This creates a concrete picture of the possibilities of your project. Your needs and goals and our knowledge will ensure the best plan.

Plan Development

After the survey, an architect designs several concepts. From these concepts, you can choose the best design. Based on the chosen design, we will bring up all costs for the project so that you know exactly where you stand and the return on investment can be determined.


Upon approval of the design and cost, the development of the final plan is initiated. Discussions will be held with the municipality, local residents, contractors and other stakeholders, among others, to achieve realization of the plan.


After all the preceding steps, project implementation can begin. During the realization of the project, we will be your point of contact and relieve you of all your worries by taking care of all preliminary matters up to and including completion.

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