Why choose Prohuis property management

One point of contact

As a customer, you always have a single point of contact within ProHuis
Property Management. As a result, there are short lines and all the ins and outs are known. In addition, ProHuis Property Management is available 24/7 to both tenants and landlords. With our no nonsense mentality, we know how to solve any issue within Property Management accurately and quickly.

Maximum efficiency

Because you outsource the work to a professional, the returns are maximized. We consider for each property what the opportunities are, what target market the property attracts and what competing properties are in the area. Through our large network among end users, as well as various brokerage firms, vacant properties are often filled at short notice.


By outsourcing the management of your property, most aspects are handled directly by the property manager. ProHuis Property Management is the point of contact when it comes to technical complaints and breakdowns on your properties. We engage regular parties to resolve the breakdowns quickly and professionally. Because we work with established parties, you save money directly on repairs & maintenance.

Construction issues

ProHuis Property Management has extensive experience in Real Estate. Besides managing your Real Estate we can also assist you with construction issues such as renovations , transformations or complex reperations. We direct and supervise these projects with our parnters and closely monitor this, money, time, information and quality during the various phases.

Choose which management package suits you

Package A

For real estate investors who want to be taken care of professionally

Price on request

Package B

For real estate investors who are professional & financial
want to be unburdened.

Price on request

Some of our tenants

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