Treeport BCT Partners BV, the party behind the Business Centre Treeport (BCT) business park, recently appointed Prohuis BV to issue 62 hectares of land along the A16-E19. Today the site went online. These are lots on the border of the Netherlands and Belgium in the municipality of Zundert and the town of Hoogstraten.

Lots for logistics and other purposes are available from 5,000 m2 to 100,000 m2. “There are very few places where you can still get 100,000 square meters of land. The BCT is one of them. So this makes the BCT suitable for both SMEs and logistics multinationals,” said Arjan van de Graaf, director and owner of Prohuis BV.

Attention to ecology
Van de Graaf: “The BCT will be unique on all fronts. For example, much attention has been paid to the ecological connection. There will be a wetland layout with a balance in groundwater consumption and groundwater use, irrigation, infiltration and anti-desiccation, water treatment and segregated systems. Three wind turbines will also be located on the BCT, the roofs of farm buildings will be fitted with solar panels and there will be a solar panel farm. All in all, this is good for generating more than 20 MWh per year.”

New site
Entrepreneurs looking for environmentally friendly housing with a green tinge, Van de Graaf says, can visit the BCT. More details can be found on the brand new site that went online today:

Treeport BCT Partners BV also partners with DCB Energy. DCB Energy is at the forefront of renewable fuels such as LNG, CNG+ (High Calorific), Hydrogen (H2O) and HVO. The BCT is expected to become the largest sustainable Energy HUB in the Benelux.

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