New development gas station with catering facility on N295 in Venlo

We started the construction of a gas station combined with catering facility on the N295 in Venlo. Immediately looking for a catering party to locate here, involves 700m2 spread over 2 floors. Rent on request. Interested?


Greenport Venlo
Greenport Venlo is the second horticultural area in the Netherlands. Together with the neighboring German region of Niederrhein, Greenport Venlo is even the largest in Europe. All links in the agri-food chain are present: from primary sector – food, feed and fl owers – to trade and processing. Among other things, Greenport Venlo focuses on area development, innovation of products, processes and markets. To this end, Greenport Venlo brings together researchers, educational institutions, entrepreneurs, governments and the environment. This should double the economic value in the fresh produce sector from 1 to 2 billion euros over the next decade. The heart of Greenport Venlo is the region around Venlo. Greenport Venlo is one of six Greenports in the Netherlands. Greenport Venlo includes a unique collaboration between entrepreneurs, government, researchers, education and the residents in the area in the field of agribusiness. Central to the collaboration are the promotion of innovations, the creation of an attractive residential and living environment and integrated area development. The goal is to give a boost to the economy of northern Limburg et al.


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