BVG Phase 2 Hendrik Ido Ambacht


Company building Phase 2 at Ambachtsezoom in Hendrik Ido Ambacht. On the south side of Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, a new business park is being built Ambachtsezoom. The site is bounded by the Ambachtsezoom, the of the lot Rijsdijk, the Langeweg, De Baak, the A16 and the Reeweg. Its area is 30 hectares.

We are busy preparing for the development of 10 high-quality commercial spaces of about 460m2 with about 110m2 of office space. Together with the municipality, we are working to achieve a high quality and sustainable appearance. For example, the buildings will have green roofs, green facades and solar panels. Interested in a business/office unit? If so, register in advance at


The new business park has the great advantage of easy access to the A16. That convenient location arouses the interest of the (local) business community, but entrepreneurs have more reasons to choose this business park. This includes two gas stations that also sell alternative fuels. What is certain is that the energy supply on the site will be centrally controlled through heat generation.

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