The multifunctional garage boxes lend themselves perfectly to ZZP-ers and MKB-ers who need high-quality, low-threshold, independent business space, webshop entrepreneurs who need storage space, the private individual who wants to store his goods or the do-it-yourselfer.
The perfect solution for the entrepreneur for whom a business hall is too big.


– Heavy-duty reinforced concrete units that stand the test of time (as opposed to precast units constructed with sandwich panels.
– Enclosed grounds with access control and electrically operated gate
– 24/7 camera surveillance within the grounds
– Good accessibility
– Own postal and business address
– Shared sanitary facilities
– Energy by intermediate meter
– Smart investment and investment
– Management by VvE

Currently there are only a few garage boxes for sale in 2 different sizes:

– 18 m² (L6 x B3 x H2.5) purchase price € 23,500, — f.o.n. excluding VAT *
– 21 m² (L7 x B3 x H2.5) purchase price € 26,500, — f.o.n. excluding VAT *

Feel free to call for a viewing at 0521-515358 with Martijn Mennink of De Boer + Ten Hoeve Real Estate Brokerage.

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